Job crafting

Get happier at work and improve performance!

Get happier at work and improve your work performance. Job crafting means making work related adjustments in order to better match your job with you as a worker. In a result-oriented series of sessions we examine what is happening in your own work situation. You will learn how you can make changes on different aspects in your job and how you can influence your perception of work. The job crafting sessions are supported by homework assignments.

Dates & times
Series of three two-hour coaching sessions + assignments in between sessions (on average 3 week intervals). Dates and time by appointment.
(We recommend reserving 1 to 2 hours for your assignments every 3 weeks) 

Besides our location near Rotterdam we also have access to various coaching locations throughout the Netherlands. Would you like to make an appointment outside of the Rotterdam area? Contact us for the options on your desired dates.