English (expat coaching)


Coaching is all about discovering the real choices you have and finding the best way for yourself to reach your own goals and targets. These choices (or the doors that you can open yourself to lead you to your own goals) are sometimes quite difficult to see. Occasionally there is something blocking your way, so that you are simply unable to see a different approach to the problem. Together we look at and examine when and where this is happening in your own situation and we discuss how you can deal with and improve this. Coaching is focused on understanding and movement.
Deur2 specializes in the personal development of professionals and highly educated individuals. I focus on coaching people who are experiencing work-related problems or where people simply want to utilize and achieve more of their own potential.


Because I think it is important to offer a good quality of service and because I want to distinguish myself as being someone who actually does this, I have obtained the qualification of “Recognized Coach”. I did this by following and completing an intensive, specialized coaching course for professionals. This was in addition to various workshops and training courses that I have followed. I am registered with St! R, the independent register for professional coaches.

Are you interested in coaching or are you in doubt if coaching could be beneficial to you? Do not hesitate to mail or call me for further information.

Deur2 Characteristics

Deur2 is characterized by a results-based approach within a completed programme. We work together to solve a specific coaching question and set a measurable (and realistic?) target. Our coaching sessions take on a positive focus, I am friendly but, at the same time, I can sometimes be sharp and confrontational. The coaching sessions are always conducted in “safe” surroundings with mildness and without judgment. I do not believe in stereotyping and putting labels on to anyone. Our sessions revolve solely around you.
Usually, after the initial meeting, we will see each other about 5 to 7 times and we will finish up with a final meeting. Although our programmes are intensive, they will always contain elements of surprise and recognition.
If the employer is the customer, we will begin with a three-way talk between myself as coach, the individual being coached and the employer. In the course of the coaching programme, the individual being coached will report his/her progress directly to his/her employer and if necessary, I can assist in their talks with the employer too, in order to provide objective guidance. The employer (as customer) is present at the final meeting. This allows the focus to be kept on the individual being coached and prevents any possible unexpected and unpleasant surprises occurring in between.

Work and Private Life

Although we often set work goals and work targets for our working life, similar problems usually can be found in the individual’s private life too. This is completely normal and usually does not mean that the problem is not suitable for coaching. Creating a healthy work-life balance can be a coaching goal on its own.
Problems which are helped by taking the right steps forward in personal development are often prolonged when there is no guidance given. This goes hand in hand with a substantial loss of work satisfaction and effectiveness. I offer a sustainable and relatively fast answer to the problem because I focus on getting results within completion of the programme.

About Ron

Before I began my professional coaching practice, Deur2, I had actually been guiding and coaching people for a long time beforehand..
My journey to becoming a recognized coach for professionals started, funnily enough, in the Doctor’s Office at my veterinary practice. I was a vet and noticed that people who often came with their pets, were able to talk to me very easily about their own problems. I found it pleasant in that intimate atmosphere to get to know people. It annoyed me that there was a lack of time to continue talking within a consultation appointment. Despite the fact that I specialised even further in veterinary medicine and achieved all of my set objectives, I missed the job satisfaction that I was expecting. I found out that the journey I had followed actually no longer suited me.
I decided to focus even more on helping staff and also challenged myself to deal with the most difficult customers – I tried to develop real contact with them and in doing so, improve their relationship with the vet’s practice. I exchanged my books on surgery with books on coaching, communication and mediation. This was tremendously satisfying! I followed various workshops on coaching and mediation and, at the same time, started working at a vocational school teaching veterinary assistants. Here I was able not only to teach, but also guide students on their future careers.
Not long after this I decided to become proficient in professional coaching by following an intensive course. This course not only focused on me becoming an excellent coach with a rich palette of coaching skills, but also on working on my own blind spots and restrictive views so that this would allow my coaching to be even more beneficial to the individual being coached. Since then I have coached, among others, independent entrepreneurs, medical employees, IT specialists and academic professionals.
Meanwhile I have also achieved the qualification of ‘Recognized Coach ‘.
The best part of my job as a coach is experiencing the learning leaps and jumps of the individuals who I am coaching. Achieving what I call the “amazement phase” (this is when there is new insight which means that a new direction can be followed) brings me a great deal of positive energy which I enjoy tremendously as a coach.
I love living in Rotterdam with my wife and daughter, hiking, playing with my dog, sailing, having dinner with friends, listening to music and much, much more.

Coaching veterinarians

Veterinarians often tell me they very much appreciate it to be able to talk to a veterinarian coach. Because I know what it means to be a veterinarian there is no need of explaining the vet life (being either general practitioner, specialist or academic teacher/researcher) and getting rid of perhaps too romantic views of the profession. A relationship of trust is formed easier and it helps us getting to set and reach the goals as soon as possible.


I can describe Ron as a coach who listens carefully and asks the right questions in order to motivate me. He does what he says he is going to do. For me, this has resulted in many more positive changes than I had hoped for – even after just a few sessions together.


Key words to describe Ron De Jong as a coach: sharp with safety net, gives clear insights, result-oriented, without judgment, confrontational, in contact, inspirational.


The first thing that I found very positive in the process was targeting and setting goals. Because the coaching journey was very clearly formed and there were clear agreements about obtaining measurable results, it was a very goal-oriented process. There was always a clear focus during the talks.
Ron is a pleasant conversationalist. He asks sharp-edged questions that are sometimes quite confrontational, but the feeling that remains is that this is always positively meant and he always focuses on progress and working towards the final result. It is very useful to discuss problems with someone who is completely objective and sees things with fresh ideas and observations.
Ron takes on a guiding role in particular. He doesn’t hold your hand and give you the solution himself, but by asking the right questions and exercises he helps you to find the solution yourself. This means that being coached is actually quite hard work too! I was very surprised at how much energy it really took out of me. It is really rewarding and satisfying to be able to finally take control of your own career.
Finally, I found it rewarding that I always went home with a good, positive feeling despite the conversations having been quite “heavy”. Ron gives you the feeling that you have an ally who is helping your to look for solutions. Despite the heavy conversations, the atmosphere was always friendly, open and relaxed.
I can definitely recommend a coaching programme with Ron!


You are immediately at ease with Ron from the very first moment you meet him. This creates
a good basis of trust for further talks. We quickly discussed relevant questions about my professional career. The basis of trust also gives you the freedom to have an “open mind” in the talks. You allow different kinds of thoughts and answers to be processed which bring solutions you had otherwise never have thought of.
Every time I left Ron’s session I noticed that I had a lot of energy. It seemed like I could think faster and have a clearer look on things. Of course that subsides a bit later during the day but I think the time we had together acted like a sort of catalyst in my new way of thinking.
Slowly my mindset changed from “I now want to have a purpose in my work” to “what would make me really happy in my work?”.
The coaching journey with Ron has given me so much internal peace. Especially
about the way I think about myself. It has helped me tremendously in
my career!

Tijmen, 29 years old

Having studied with Ron I already knew him as a very integer person with a high level of professionalism and good humor.
Recently I have discovered Ron as a coach which has been a extremely enriching experience for me. In his very analytic and no-nonsense approach Ron is putting forward some clear sets of targets to the coachee.
I have very much appreciated his enthusiasm and professionalism in guiding me to reach new goals.
I’d strongly recommend any-one looking for new challenges to invite Ron in helping finding the right paths to walk on.

Denis Verwilghen, Associate professor Large Animal Surgery, University of Copenhagen