Job crafting – online workshop (E)

Get happier at work and improve your work performance! 
Job crafting means making work related adjustments in order to better match your job with you as a worker. 

In this online-workshop you’ll learn the basics of job crafting. We’ll discuss the effects of workplace-wellbeing and to what extent you yourself have influence on this. We’ll combine insights from scientific research with practical exercises focused on your own (personal) development. You will assess your own working situation and will design your own next steps as a job crafter. Steps you will be able to put to use the very next week!

For this online workshop we will use Zoom pro. You will receive a link and a password that will grant you admission to our online classroom. During this workshop there will be breaks and off-screen assignments.
Max number of participants: 10.

workshops in 2020:
– september 25th 9:00-13:00 (Dutch)
– 19 november 13:00-17:00 (English)
Contact us for other options.

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