Professional coaching programme

What is your best approach to your goal? How to deal with a specific (work or work-life) problem in a way that suits you personally? Professional coaching gives you the opportunity to have a better answer to these questions and to get to those answers faster. Together with a professional coach you will work to solve a specific coaching question and set a measurable target. The coaching sessions take on a positive focus with a friendly coaching style and can be sharp and confrontational at the same time. Coaching sessions are always conducted in ‘safe’ surroundings with mildness and without judgement. We do not believe in stereotyping and putting labels on to anyone. Our sessions resolve solely around you. 

The coaching sessions are supported by homework assignments and moments of feedback via e-mail. For more challenging personal development goals it’s possible to combine different coaching options into one full coaching programme. 

Keywords: personal development, work & work-life problems, happiness at work.

Dates & times
Series of four two-hour coaching sessions + assignments in between sessions (on average 3 week intervals). Dates and time by appointment.

Besides our location near Rotterdam we also have access to various coaching locations throughout the Netherlands. Would you like to make an appointment outside of the Rotterdam area? Contact us for the options on your desired dates.